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Dr. Anagha Gaurav Nandoskar

Ayurvedic Consultant
Dr. Anagha Gaurav Nandoskar - Ayurvedic Doctor
10.0 years of experience
+91 9987009628
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Dr. Anagha Nandoskar, a distinguished Ayurvedic doctor in Ghatkopar with an experience of over 10 years, has completed her BAMS and MD in Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals (Rasashastra-Bhaishajya Kalpana) from the Maharashtra University of Health Science, followed by a Maternal Health Certification Course from Unishakti. She is an expert in traditional Ayurvedic procedures, prominently Garbhasanskar and postpartum care. She also completed courses like ayurvedic cosmetology, trichology, and ayurvedic dietetics. Dr. Anagha Nandoskar is an Ayurvedic doctor in Ghatkopar who specialises in Prakruti Analysis, Naadi Parikshan, and customised herbal formulations based on body composition. She has expertise in the management of gastrointestinal disorders, gynaecological disorders, and hair and skin disorders.



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Shree Vishwasutra Ayurved And Panchakarma Clinic - Mumbai

Shree Vishwasutra Ayurved And Panchakarma Clinic

Shree Vishwasutra Ayurveda & Panchakarama Clinic is situated in Kishor Kunj Building, Tilak Road, Ghatkopar. Dr Anagha Nandoskar, an Ayurvedic doctor in Ghatkopar emphasizes on traditional therapies and various holistic methods of purification and rejuvenation. According to Ayurveda, every individual has different Prakruti and Naadi, hence disorders of two different persons are never similar. Dr Anagha Nandoskar does scientific Prakruti analysis and Naadi parikshan and according to patient's Prakruti (body composition), Bala (body strength), Kaal (season), she prescribes customize herbal medicines, panchakarma, yoga alongwith balanced diet for complete healing. Clinical pharmacy and courier services are also available within the clinic.


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Frequently asked questions

How practicing light exercises with Pranayama is important in Garbh Sanskar?

Dr. Anagha Nandoskar, a well-cultured Garbh Sanskar expert and Ayurvedic General Physician, explains that practising light exercises with Pranayama and meditation is an integral part of Garbh Sanskar as Light exercises increase flexibility, improve blood circulation, and reduce backaches during pregnancy. Pranayama, or breathing exercises, help to calm and relax the body while preparing you for breath control during childbirth. Specific Garbh Sanskar yoga asanas boost the mother?s chances of having a full-term, normal delivery with minimal labour pain. Meditation is an important aspect of Garbh Sanskar and is beneficial for the body as it de-stresses the mind. It involves getting into the "zero state of mind," which can help bring peace and tranquility and enhance concentration. Visualizing good things about the baby while you meditate is also a great way to bond and think positively, which can help both you and the baby. Along with these two main practices, some other activities that can be followed include praying, listening to music that brings peace to the mind, reading calming or spiritual books, keeping the mind calm and happy, and being active, all of which are beneficial for the mother during her journey of pregnancy. Consult Dr. Anagha Nandoskar for expertise and well-versed knowledge in Garbh Sanskar. Book an online appointment for online consultation via text, call, or video call on the icareheal website, or simply download the icareheal app to book the best general physician.

What is Garbh Sanskar?

In Ayurveda, the journey of a child from mother?s womb to the outer world is well explained as Garbh Sanskar. The Sanskrit word ?garbha? means foetus and ?sanskar? means educating the mind. It is traditionally believed that a child?s mental and behavioural development starts in the womb as it can be influenced by the mother?s emotional state while she carries the baby. Modern studies have proved that a foetus can respond to external stimulus. In fact, the hormonal secretions activated by the mother?s thoughts can also impact the baby in her womb. The practice of Garbh Sanskar ensures that the mother remains healthy and in a positive state of mind. Book an online consultation with Dr. Anagha Nandoskar, reckoned and highly appreciated for imbibing Garbh Sanskar in expecting mothers and baby in the womb of the mother. Booking an online appointment on icareheal website or simply download icareheal website to book best General Physician and Ayurvedic doctor.

How can Ayurvedic medicine be distinguished from modern medicines?

Allopathic medicine treats the symptoms in a very short period of time, rather than addressing the major root cause of a patient?s suffering. Ayurvedic medicine, on the other hand, helps the body of the patient to heal from the root cause of the ailment by addressing the uniqueness of each patient, so that the disease is iradicated for the lifetime. Thus, in the words of Dr. Anagha Nandoskar, an Ayurvedic Doctor in Ghatkopar, Ayurveda looks at a long-term solution for patient suffering as compared to allopathic medicine.

Why is Ayurvedic medicine unique as compared to other medicine systems?

When it comes to the Ayurveda, it is one of the oldest scientific medical systems worldwide, with a deep record of clinical experience from Ayurvedic sages and scriptures. Dr. Anagha Nandoskar, an Ayurvedic Doctor in Ghatkopar says, other than being a form of medicine, Ayurveda is also a way of life that teaches us how to maintain healthy human systems and longevity.

What are some of ayurvedic treatments?

There are several treatments in the Ayurvedic toolbox for rebalancing with the proper health and fitness. Some of the treatment include: ? Lifestyle changes like going to bed at a regular time ? Diet changes like eating more warm foods or oils or greens ? Herbs ? in many forms, loose powder, capsules, tablets, kadhas, teas, medicated ghee/oil, tinctures, honey balls. ? Body treatments ? Yoga, Meditation ? Aromatherapy, Color Therapy * panchakarma (Vaman, Virechan, Nasya, Basti & Raktamokshan) Do, you want to know more about the Ayurvedic treatments in a more depth way? Visit Dr. Anagha Nandoskar, an Ayurvedic Doctor in Ghatkopar.

Is Ayurveda medicine safe for each and every person?

As we all know that Ayurveda is a natural science. Ayurvedic medicines use herbs which is absolutely safe for patients as long as they are taken under the supervision and guidance of an Ayurvedic doctor. A few rare formulations in Ayurveda use heavy metals. For more information on this, you must consult Dr. Anagha Nandoskar, an Ayurvedic Doctor in Ghatkopar.

What are some of the major sources of Ayurvedic medicines?

When it comes to the sources, Ayurveda derives its medicinal components from nature?s bounty. All the medicine formulations administered by Dr. Anagha Nandoskar, an Ayurvedic Doctor in Ghatkopar are natural, safe and have no side effects of any kind. If you are looking for an Ayurvedic doctor in East Mumbai, you must go for Dr. Anagha Nandoskar.

Is there any side effect from the Ayurvedic Medicines?

All Ayurvedic medicines are made using natural sources and are safe with no side-effects at all. Children can also consume the Ayurvedic medicine. But yes, according to Dr. Anagha Nandoskar some of the Ayurvedic medicines do require a physician?s advice.

How can Ayurveda treat Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Ayurveda describes Rheumatoid Arthritis as Amavata. Ayurveda treatment of RA focusses on Shamana (conservative) and Shodhana chikitsa (Biological purification of the body). For best Ayurveda treatment, consult Dr. Anagha Nandoskar, an Ayurvedic Doctor in Ghatkopar, East Mumbai.

What is Naadi Pariksha?

Naadi Pariksha is an Ayurvedic technique of diagnosing physical, mental and emotional imbalances through pulse. It is an amazing technique that addresses root causes of health disorders instead of symptoms only. For best Ayurveda treatment, consult Dr. Anagha Nandoskar, an Ayurvedic Doctor in Ghatkopar, East Mumbai.

Can I receive my prescription after online consultation?

You can access your prescription after your consultation. The prescription will be emailed to you after your consultation is done. You can also access the prescription anytime from the icareheal app.

What equipment do I need to have for online consultation or in order to attend a telehealth visit?

You need to have a cellphone or a computer or a laptop with good call connectivity (for audio consultation) and good internet connectivity (for video consultation).

What are the consultation charges Dr. Anagha Nandoskar, an Ayurvedic Doctor in Ghatkopar, East Mumbai?

The consultation charges of Dr. Anagha Nandoskar remain same for different modes. The charge for video consultation/audio consultation/in-clinic consultation is Rs 400/-.

How can I take an online appointment with Dr. Anagha Nandoskar, an Ayurvedic Doctor in Ghatkopar, East Mumbai?

To book an online appointment with Dr. Anagha Nandoskar, you can download the icareheal app, add Dr. Anagha Nandoskar as your Ayurvedic doctor and book an appointment for audio or video consultation.

What are the specialisations of Dr. Anagha Nandoskar, an Ayurvedic Doctor in Ghatkopar, East Mumbai?

Dr. Anagha Nandoskar is an exceptional Ayurvedic practitioner and specializes in providing treatments for various health issues such as acidity, irritable bowel syndrome, piles, fissures, fistula, colitis, skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema etc.), hair problems (dandruff, alopecia), PCOS, irregular menses, uterine fibroid, diabetes, joint pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, migraine, sinusitis etc.

How many years of experience does Dr. Anagha Nandoskar, an Ayurvedic Doctor in Ghatkopar, East Mumbai have?

Dr. Anagha Nandoskar, an Ayurvedic Doctor in Ghatkopar, East Mumbai has the distinction of treating patients successfully for 10 years. To know more about Dr Anagha Nandoskar, please visit her website at icareheal app.

What are the qualifications of Dr. Anagha Nandoskar, an Ayurvedic Doctor in Ghatkopar, East Mumbai?

Dr. Anagha Nandoskar has done her BAMS and MD in Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals (Rasashastra- Bhaishajya kalpana) from Maharashtra University of Health Science. She is an exceptional Ayurvedic practitioner and has also persuaded courses like ayurvedic cosmetology and trichology, ayurvedic dietetics.

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